Heartfelt Tonic


A herbal elixir for those who are working to ease the power of their mind and strengthen the energy of their heart. A great remedy to enhance meditation practice, and for those who are looking to infuse the wisdom of their heart into their everyday decisions and actions.

The cooling calm of rose petals quiets and calms the mind while rosehips give gentle, nourishing nurture for the heart. The triple infused medicine of hawthorn – leaves, blossoms and berries – tones and strengthens the heart, lending power and integrity to its function, allowing us to be grounded in heart wisdom and compassion.

A short consultation is required free of charge to make sure these are the drops for you. Please provide your email address to arrange this.




Work with the heart-expanding energy of hawthorn and wild rose. A tonic for those wishing to walk through life with an open heart and a quiet mind.