Dog Rose Elixir to calm anxiety

I am collaborating with Gazelli House on July 4th for an evening workshop sharing the delightful medicine of rose.  You can read more on their blog.

Calm and Sensuous…some of the medicine of rose. Who doesn’t want more of these qualities in their life?

Rosa canina, know as dog rose, wild rose or briar rose is the medicinal rose commonly used by herbalists. It grows commonly in our hedgerows alongside hawthorn, blackthorn, blackberry and elder.

In the summer, we use the delicate, heart-shaped rose petals for medicine. In the autumn, it is her rosehips that provide us with nutritious medicine rich in vitamins and minerals. When working with the flowers, I like to embrace the sweet gentle side of rose medicine and use the petals in an elixir.  Wild Rose elixir can offer gentle support through anxiety that is prompted by heartbreak, shock, trauma or grief.

Dog Rose Elixir

Fill a jar with rose petals.

Fill half the jar with honey or glycerine.

Top up the other half of the jar with brandy until the rose petals are covered.

Secure the lid tightly and invert the jar so that the brandy and honey can integrate and the rose petals are fully submerged.

Leave in a cool spot away from sunlight for a lunar cycle inverting your mix every couple of days.

Strain and enjoy your elixir as heart-warming support to get you through shock, heartbreak or grief.

Heartfelt Tonic

Rose elixir is an ingredient in our signature Heartfelt Tonic, a blend of rose and hawthorn.

I created Heartfelt Tonic as a remedy for those who are working to ease the power of their mind and strengthen the energy of their heart. A great remedy to enhance meditation practice, and for those who are looking to infuse the wisdom of their heart into their everyday decisions and actions.

The cooling calm of rose petals quiets and calms the mind while rosehips give gentle, nourishing nurture for the heart. The triple infused medicine of hawthorn – leaves, blossoms and berries – tones and strengthens the heart, lending power and integrity to its function, allowing us to be grounded in heart wisdom and compassion.