In a nutshell

The Samara story so far in a nutshell so to speak  (or a fiberglass shell with holes in it)…

Step  1: Buy Samara – who is not in the water, but on land at Ponsharden Boat Yard. (Stop frame from Mark Falmouth )

Step 2: Attach missing rubbing straight and in so doing fill big holes all along starboard side. (You need two pairs of hands for this – thanks Tino)

Step 3:  Get your mates to fly over from the USofA and help tear out all the rotting vinyl that’s covering the inside of the boat  (thanks Eri and Jason).  We’re going back to fiberglass baby!

Step 4:  Take said friends to Tintagel so that on the way, you can pick up some old diving bottles which will become your woodburner.

Step 5: Build a frame for a tarp over the top – hooray, dry cockpit!  There’s a polythene house on my boat (thanks Eri and Kevin)

Step 6:  Get Rob Higgs ( ) to build you a woodburner from one of those Tintagel dive bottles…

Step 7:  Start insulating cabin in bow… hoping for a warm, dry bed there eventually.

Step 8: Install tongue and groove over insulation.

Step 9: Varnish tongue and groove…

Step 10: Cut and install plywood ceiling then give it all a lick of paint.

Step 11: Make what was a wardrobe heat proof and ready to house woodburner.  First by installing a wood base to make the hull square.  Then covering everything with heatproof fibre board…

Stages of installing woodburner

Then cut up the cylinder of an old immersion heater and use the copper to line the back of the fireplace…