Raising Grace Body Oil


A delicious smelling sacred oil to raise your vibration and keep it high. Use daily over your heart-space, or on a particular occasion where you need psychic protection and radiance. Lovingly crafted from wild-harvested herbs and potent essential oils.
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YARROW to raise resonance
ROSE for an open heart
LAVENDER for clarity
BAY for protection
Infused oils of yarrow, rose and lavender
Essential oils of yarrow, rose and bay
Uses:  Rub over heart and third eye when you seek the balance of an open, radiant heart with the protection of a strong aura.   Eg.  For date with a new love, ahead of a difficult conversation you need to have with family or a co-worker, great for therapists and body-workers to hold a space for their clients while protecting their own energy and aura. Also works wonderfully for womb massage – yarrow promotes pelvic circulation while rose is calming and toning for the womb. Women can use on the abdomen with the intention to connect with their womb space.

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30ml, 50ml