Study Herbal Medicine with Belle this spring


Spread over three monthly sessions, we’ll explore how working with plants can be a powerful aid in detoxing your body after a long winter and building up your strength and resilience for the vibrant energy of the summer ahead.

This is an opportunity to not only explore your own healing,  but also to acquire valuable skills in crafting your own medicines that you can share with others.

Throughout the course, you can expect to:

Learn the Basics: An introduction to herbalism and to the medicinal plants that grow abundantly in spring.  You will have the opportunity to lay out your intention for the spring months ahead.  

Hands-On Medicine Making: You will gain practical, hands-on experience in creating your own medicine. We'll meet new plants each class and focus deeply on their medicine.  You will be given medicine to take home woth you and drink for 5 days ahead of sessions 2 & 3,  so that you can experience the medicine in your body before we learn the medicinal and scientific information about the herb along with a recipe.

Herbs and the Body: Discover how springs medicines relate to the systems within your body. We’ll explore the digestive, lymphatic, immune, circulatory and nerve systems together so you can better understand how herbs can help your body to stay healthy and resilient.

Connection and community: Take time for yourself to connect with like-minded earth-lovers and deepen your connection to the incredible support available to us from Mother Earth.  Each session will include a ritual for you to use at home so have more tools at your fingertips for deeper self-exploration. 


Join me for 3 hands on practical medicine sessions to connect deeply with the earth and explore plant medicine this spring.

Here's how we will roll:

3 evening sessions over the spring months.
-  - Each session will focus on a body system and the herbs that are aligned with it.

- Each session will include herb tastings and after sessions 1 and 2, you will be given a herb to drink for 5 days before we next meet.

- Each evening workshop will include medicinal and scientific information about the herb along with a recipe and a ritual for you to use at home.

- You'll leave able to identify many spring herbs and with the knowledge of how to make your own medicine.

The dates:

7pm-9pm WEDNESDAYS: March 27th, April 24th, May 22nd. At Ponsanooth Village Hall, Cornwall

Investment: £110 ( Can be split into 2 payments of £55 on Feb 1st and March 1st on request )