The Work of Art in Critical Times – Links from Belle's Talk: Running In Circles

Symposium at University College Falmout

Symposium at University College Falmouth

Gustav Metzger  – The Art Strike – 1977-1980

Fred Wilson – Mining the Museum, 1992

David Darts – Creative Tools 4 Critical Times

James Balog – Chasing Ice –

Mel Chin –  Operation Paydirt/Fundred Dollar Bill Project  –

Center for Tactical Magic – Tactical Ice Cream Unit –

Máximo González  – Changarrito Project –

Grow Efford

Rufus Maurice – Roosters Wood – Carnebo Barn, Mabe

Anne Marie Culhane

A & B – Sailing for Gold –

Annie Lovejoy –

Falmouth Wharf
Cornwall Council case number PA12/04275

Jackson Gallery Singers

Ruth Ben Tovim and Toni Spencer – Encounters Artist Lab

Steve Lambert

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