Sculpture Quotidienne

4 week artist residency at Utopiana in Geneva that culminated in two workshops inspired by herbs found along the Geneva Seed Pilgrimage.

April 21st

Walking the Labyrinth:

How can plants support us to bring our dreams to the Earth?

We can spend our life dreaming of elsewhere, as if the changes that we want to see are outside of ourselves and our world, but in this moment on Earth amidst mass extinction and climate chaos, the imperative becomes stronger and more urgent to make these dreams a part of our everyday lives in the concrete rather than the ethereal.

Join Belle to plant the Pilgrim’s garden. Take time to hear and experience the lessons that plants can teach us about bringing our dreams into reality.  What medicine can the abundant plants of our hedgerows, meadows and waysides give us for our bodies, minds and our communities when we take the time to listen to and observe them?

April 28th:  Harness the Power of Your Dreams

“Dreams make something useful out of our fear”

Dr Clarissa Pincola Estés

Dreams offer us a space to be freely creative

Dreams offer us a space to connect with our deepest desires

Dreams allow us to become familiar with the unknown –

To imagine a different future, we must get comfortable with the unknown.