Herbs to get you through the Festival Season

Festival parade with flags

This summer, I worked at 3 festivals in 6 weeks – and while that is fresh in my mind, I thought it would be useful to share with you the herbs I had with me that came in handy over a full weekend of camping, walking and of course dancing, in all the elements.



Lung / Cough Medicine

Festivals are full of pollen, dust, dirt and smoke. It’s no surprise that after being taxed by COVID, many of us are extra susceptible to bronchial irritation and infection this year. My whole family had a really nasty cough after just one day on site. I had a cough syrup prepared with herbs to support the lungs. It’s a blend of glycerines and tinctures and I keep it in a dropper bottle so its easy to take straight on the tongue when you’re on the move and also sweet enough for my baby to like the flavour. My favourite combination includes mullein, licorice root, marshmallow, elecampane, plantain, honeysuckle and daisy.


Muscle Rub

Aching legs and feet from walking miles to catch your favourite band, twisted ankles, inflamed arthritis. All common festival woes. I take a herbal muscle rub for applying liberally to any aches and pains.

I created my muscle rub recipe inspired by tiger balm – the key ingredients are comfrey which repairs damaged tissues in the body, eucalyptus as an anti inflammatory herb and circulatory herbs to get fresh blood and nutrients to the area and wintergreen for topical pain relief.


Miracle Salve

A first aid balm that’s anti-septic and healing for the skin. I trapped my finger in a door and immediately washed it and put some of this on under the plaster to keep everything clean and speed up healing.

This balm is made of infused lavender, calendula, plantain and St John’s Wort oil with lavender essential oil for an extra anti-septic, and delicious smelling boost.


Luscious Lips Lip Balm

Sunburnt or dry lips can be really uncomfortable. The miracle salve above can double up as a lip balm, but I took my luscious lips lip balm with me. For those of us who get cold sores, a flare up can be common when your energy levels are low after late nights, this lip balm is deliciously lemony but also has the herbs you need to combat the herpes virus that causes cold sores. I find if I put it on when I feel that pre-cold-sore sizzle, I can stop the cold sore from developing.

Luscious Lips is made from infused lemon balm and St John’s Wort oils with lemon balm essential oil.

Nervine Tea

Lack of sleep and over-stimulated senses can make us feel pretty frazzled and it can be really hard to wind-down amidst the noise and frenetic activity of a festival site. Having a calming tea blend can really help you to build moments of calm into your day or to relax before going to bed.

I like a blend of lemon balm, oats, rose and lime blossom, a combination of relaxing and restorative nervine herbs that soothe frayed nerves and give the body a welcome wave of relaxation.

Hug in a Mug – Heartfelt Herbs blend of oatstraw and lime blossom is another nerve-friendly alternative.

I hope this gives you some inspiration if you are looking to create your own remedies. I’ve included links to buy Heartfelt Herbs supplies made with love from herbs grown or foraged in Cornwall, UK. Sign up to my mailing list for recipes and opportunities to learn to make your own herbal medicines in person with me.

Ground Ivy - glechoma hederacea